Summer Candle Gift Box

Each candle order comes with a care card and complimentary candle coaster to protect furniture when in use. 

The Summer Gift Box comes with the five following scents in 4oz white tins. Save $5 when you purchase this box instead of each scent individually.

Scents are rated from 1 to 3 with purple hearts. 1 being a lighter scent throw and 3 being the strongest.

Lavender Fields - 💜💜💜
Enjoy endless serenity with Lavender Fields, a scent that emits calming and soothing lavender aroma. Relish the comforting scent of lavender and subtle undertones of chamomile, captivating your senses and filling your home with a pleasant aroma. Experience natural relaxation and peace with each light.
Lilacs in Bloom - 💜💜
This Lilacs in Bloom candle captures the essence of a classic scent. Fragrant notes of bergamot, rose, and jasmine create a calming atmosphere and luxurious aroma. Whether soothing the senses in a relaxing atmosphere or bringing a gentle reminder of the beauty of nature into a home, this candle is a perfect choice for any occasion.
Strawberry Jam - 💜💜
This strawberry jam candle is a unique home fragrance. It produces a strong, fruity aroma and is definitely a summer favourite for every home.  Enjoy the scent of freshly made strawberry jam without the bother or mess.
Sunflower Fields - 💜
The sunflower fields candle is made with a unique blend of oils. It delivers a soft light and subtle floral scent, creating a soothing atmosphere in any room.
Watermelon Slices - 💜💜
Our watermelon slices candle creates a realistic scent that smells just like the real thing. Our watermelon slices candle is the perfect way to add a hint of summer to your living space.

4oz candles burn for approximately 40 hours.