Nectarine Bath Bomb


This relaxing bath bomb treat is scented with nectarine, citric aromas, and hints of sweet aroma. Infused with Epsom salt and handpicked dry Calendula, there's no better way to fizz those tired muscles away. Simply drop one into a warm bath and watch it fizzle, releasing its gorgeous scent and colours.


Benefits & Features: 

● Hydrates, Rejuvenates and Softens the skin

● Helps to improve the mood with relaxing aroma therapeutic scents

● Cleanses the skin from impurities and toxins with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

Key ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts, Essential Oil, Fragrant, Dry Flowers.

Indulge and moisturize your skin with our handcrafted bath bomb. It cleanse, sooth and soften your skin. Epsom salt contains rich minerals that help to relieve muscle pain and swelling while citric acid promotes new skin growth.


Best for: Moisturizing.
Size: (7x7x4 cm) 220 grams.