Halloween Candle Pack of Four


Each pack includes four spooky scents in a 4oz tin.

Haunted House - Watch your back if you're gonna go snooping around an abandoned house. This one is haunted with the scents of butter and salted caramel.

Ghost Walk - Walking along the river alone is never a good idea, especially on a cold October night. The ghosts have your mind racing with scents of crisp autumn air and the cold river nearby.

Witches Brew - The witches are up to no good, again. Something is definitely brewing but we're not sure who or what it is. Scents of cranberry and wood shavings are present but there may be traces of something else....

Hocus Pocus - It's not always just a bunch of hocus pocus! Scents of vanilla and mint will make you think they've put a spell on you.