Carrot Spice Bundt Cake Wax Melts



- Each bundt cake weighs approximately 2 ounces.

- Package includes two cakes.

- Each cake will melt for approximately 20 hours until the scent is completely gone.

* To make these wax melts last a little longer, carefully cut them in half and use half at a time.

Scents are rated from 1 to 3 with purple hearts. 1 being a lighter scent throw and 3 being the strongest.

Carrot Spice Cake - 💜💜💜
This carrot spice candle provides a unique, warm scent to any room. Its blend of carrots and spices offer an alluring scent and an inviting atmosphere.

Wax melts are a safer alternative to candle burning. Enjoy the fragrances without the flame by using them in a wax safe warming lamp. Because my wax melts are made with soy, it's best to use lamps that are listed here. Some retailers' lamps are best for paraffin wax because they require a higher temperature to melt. Soy wax does not require that much heat.